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Jacksonville, FL 32241
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About Us

1st Florida Lock Service is a family owned and operated local locksmith company, providing all-mobile service and specializing in commercial and residential locksmithing. We have over 25 years experience in Northeast Florida. Our service area includes, but is not limited to: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina, Callahan, Orange Park, Middleburg and St. Augustine Florida. We have minimal advertising, and rely on customer referrals to grow our business. Our goal is to retain our valued customers and create new business by providing honest, dependable, quality service at affordable prices.

About the Owner

Guy Watkins
Owner/COO - Locksmith

I was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida and attended Englewood High School, graduating in 1985. I have spent my entire locksmithing career in Jacksonville, beginning in the summer of '85, when I went to work for my uncle at Discount Lock & Key. This is where I learned the basics of residential and automotive locksmithing. My tasks included assisting walk-in customers with key duplication and basic over-the-counter rekeying jobs. After a few years of working the counter I gradually worked my way into a service van running mainly residential calls with a few commercial calls in between. I worked for Discount Lock & Key until 1990, when I moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, earning an AA degree in Video and Film Production and Recording Engineering. After returning to Jacksonville, I worked briefly at a few local television stations, but eventually returned to the Locksmith field.

In July of 1993 I went to work for A Lock & Security, a highly regarded locksmith company in Jacksonville. At A Lock, I serviced many large commercial accounts and covered the full spectrum of locksmithing, from residential and automotive, to commercial and industrial. It is here that I learned the fundamentals of the commercial locksmith industry, including master key systems, hardware requirements and applications, safes, access control hardware installations and life safety issues. In 1994 I married my wife, Beverly, and we had our first child in June of 1996.

In June of 2000, I decided to put my knowledge to work for myself, and together with partners, opened Absolute Security Lock Safe & Key LLC; a full service mobile locksmith company offering commercial, residential and automotive services. Running my own company taught me the importance of professional, friendly relationships with customers. In June of 2001 my twins were born, followed by my 4th child in December of 2002. Absolute Security grew quickly, and within five years, had five service vehicles, seven employees and a storefront location. Eventually the automotive work was phased out to concentrate on the commercial side of the industry. Although the company was highly respected in the community and had a very large client base, the partnership failed, prompting the dissolution of Absolute Security in April of 2008.

In May of 2008, my wife and I opened 1st Florida Locksmith Services LLC, a smaller, more streamlined company, retaining the core customer base of Absolute Security. Specializing in commercial and residential services, 1st Florida Lock has earned an excellent reputation for quality, integrity and value. We have built our reputation by holding to a strict code of ethics, and have adopted a ‘business by referral’ system, which promotes an even higher standard of excellence and trust between us and our customers. We feel that the best compliment we can get is a referral, so we make every effort to provide exceptional service to each and every customer. Our goal is to continue to grow our company to become a permanent part of Jacksonville's business community, and ultimately pass it on to our children.

Locksmith Code Of Ethics

  • To practice their profession in the spirit of fairness to their clients, with fidelity to security in conformance with appropriateness, and with high ideals of personal honor.
  • To properly and impartially analyze security problems, and to advance the best possible solution for the protection of their clients.
  • To conduct themselves in a dignified manner.
  • To abide by applicable licensing, registration, and business regulations.
  • To advertise and conduct business in a non-deceptive manner.
  • To abstain from using improper or questionable methods of soliciting patronage, and to decline to accept such incompatible patronage.
  • To refrain from using their professional skills, training, or expertise in a manner that compromises the safety or security of the customer.
  • To refrain from associating themselves with or allowing the use of their names by any enterprise of questionable character, or in any manner countenancing misepresentation.
  • To cooperate in advancing the best interest of the locksmithing industry by interchange of general information and experience with other locksmiths.
  • To encourage and promote loyalty to the profession, always ready to apply their special knowledge, skill and Training for the use and betterment of our industry.

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