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Door Closers

Door closers are used to automatically close the door behind you and are commonly found in commercial settings. Proper maintenance of door closers is important and can prevent serious injury. The most obvious sign of a bad door closer is oil leaking and running down the door. A sudden increase in closing speed resulting in slamming is another sign. Closing too fast isn't the only speed issue with a bad closer. Sometimes the closer slows down so much it won't close anymore. In the scenario of the closer speeds it's possible that all that needs to be done are a few minor adjustments or tightening of the arms. In any case, if the closer is not acting properly we recommend you contact someone as soon as possible to have it diagnosed, serviced or replaced. A bad door closer is a serious issue and can cause permanant damage to an unsuspecting victim, as well as lawsuits to the business owner.

Bodily injury claim from manual door closer in a restaurant - Settlement paid to PlaintiffPlaintiff was allegedly struck by the door, resulting in broken arm. Established that improper maintenance and damage to the door closer was the cause.

Bodily injury claim from manual door in an entry vestibule of a store front - Settlement paid to PlaintiffElderly plaintiff was allegedly knocked down while entering store, causing severe back injuries. Door consultant for Plaintiff. Established that hardware inspected had been replaced after the accident occurred, contrary to statements made by the defendant.

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When To Change Your Locks

Rekeying of locks is a precaution that should always be taken by new homeowners. Hiring an experienced locksmith to do the job is strongly recommended.

Anytime you move into a new home it's important to change the locks on all exterior doors. The previous owners may not have handed over all of their keys. They could have duplicate keys that you are not aware of and could use them to enter your home. It's not always necessary to completely replace the locks that are currently on your doors. An experienced locksmith is able to perform a procedure called re-keying. Re-keying is basically the process of changing the combination of the lock by replacing the tumblers to fit a different key. Only the new key will work in the lock, not the old one. Re-keying is less expensive than replacing the entire lock.

Businesses who supply their employees with keys should also change their locks anytime an employee is let go or leaves the company.

Remote Key Safety Tip

Keep your keys by your bed at night!

Have you ever thought about using your cars remote security system as a secondary home alarm? It's a system that most of us have but have probably never thought of utilizing in a home invasion scenario. Test it. Whether you park your car in your driveway or a garage, you can set off the alarm from just about anywhere in your home. Your car will keep honking until your battery runs down or you reset the alarm. If your alarm goes off while someone is trying to break into your home, odds are the bad guy isn't going to hang around while the neighbors are looking out their windows to see what's going on. Also, remember to keep your keys in hand while walking to your car in a parking lot. Your alarm can work the same way there. This is something that should be shared with everyone you know. It may save a life.

Master Key Systems

A masterkey system consists of numerous lock cylinders that allow different groups or individual key holders access to all or individually defined areas of a building or buildings. There are several benefits of a master system. The overriding benefit is that access can be controlled across a building allowing specific people access to defined parts of that building. Another advantage is that individuals can have access using a minimum number of keys. A master system can be convenient and secure. However, if a master key is lost or stolen, the security of the system is compromised. It can also be argued that when a lock works with multiple keys it is possible that it could be much easier to pick due to the multiple shear lines. However, the number of break-ins by picking a cylinder is extremely small.

Masterkey systems are very flexible and, as your business grows, a well planned system should be able to adapt to changing requirements. Master systems can be installed all at once or in stages, which is often the case, particularly when installing master systems into existing buildings. Ideally, the system should be planned and agreed upon in its entirety, even allowing for future expansion and changes.

Quick Tips!


About 1/3 of residential lock issues can be solved with simple lubrication, either a dry lubricant or WD40. Spray lubricant directly into keyhole and on the latch. Work the key in and out several times and activate the latch to free up sticky locks.

Bedroom Locks

Keep a paper clip or toothpick nearby at home to unlock interior bedroom or bathroom door locks. If the lock is activated with a pushbutton and has a hole in the center of the outside handle, you can usually unlock it by inserting the paper clip or toothpick, and pushing it in until you hear the button pop out.

Bad Places to Hide a House Key

  • Under the door mat.
  • Under a planter.
  • In the mailbox.
  • In your glove box.
  • Taped inside a gutter.
  • On a window ledge.
  • On top of the electrical meter

How Secure Is Your Home?

    Little Known Statistics
  • Most burglaries are committed in broad daylight
  • Nearly a third of unauthorized entries occur through unlocked doors or windows.
  • Some illegal entries occur by the use of a previous occupant's key.
  • Almost half of all forced entries are made without the use of a tool.
  • The average time spent breaking into a home is less than three minutes.
  • Good quality locks and extra security measures can cause a burglar to take more time and make more noise to enter. This increases the possibility of being seen and a call being made to 911.

One morning while a locksmith had come to change the locks in my house, I realized I had to run a few errands. I turned to him, a sweet older man, and said I was heading out. As I got to the front door, I noticed my sad-faced dog staring at me from the living room. "I love you, sweet boy," I said. "Now you be good. Okay?"
From the other room I heard a voice answer, "Okay."

Someone at the auto repair shop locked the owner's keys inside his car. While the locksmith was working on the driver's-side door lock, the anxious owner walked up and tried the passenger's-side door. It opened.The locksmith looked up. "Yeah, I already got that one."

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